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Australian Select Timbers offer long lasting timber flooring solutions

26, September 2014: The floors of the houses are a very important part of the inner atmosphere. It endures the weight of the homely objects, dust and many other outside elements. It is always good to keep them clean and in proper shape. Restaurants, gyms, homes, libraries and many other establishments have wooden floorings. On a similar note, Australian Select Timbers is a timber flooring service provider that creates grand oak flooring for various establishments. All of the floors made by them are environmentally stable to endure the unhealthy Australian conditions. There are options to choose from eleven timber flooring colours to pick the one that suits best. A part from beauty and design, the floors are made to be long lasting which could save money and time. 

Among its product category, the company has oak flooring range available in multiple colours and designs. In the greyish shades there is Alaskan and Mink. Arctic oak, Balinese oak, burnt oak, canyon oak, European oak, limed oak, gunsynd oak, Milano oak and Uluru oak. Many of these come with 20 years of limited surface warranty. They have matt and even gloss finishing with thickness up to 14.5mm. The texture may vary with distressed, hand scraped, brushed, etc. UV lacquer is the common wood finishing of all. 

The users shouldn’t worry as oak trees are known for their strength and solidity. Cabinetmakers and carpenters also like to work with this type of wood as the grain and texture are a stand out factors. Recognized everywhere for sheer sturdiness, it has high tannin content which provides resistance from insects and fungal attacks. They can be maintained with minimal effort. Oak flooring is hugely liked in the modern times owing to its properties. It could be an exceptional shock absorber which has the strength to resist splitting and loosening. The warm attractive features can blend with any kind of home decoration and furniture. 

Australian Select Timbers also has timber flooring brochures available. Anyone may request or even download the brochure from its website pages. It contains informative description and whereabouts of timber flooring. The authentic vision and sense of fashion has let the company launch three new products namely Persian Oak, Moroccan Oak and Desert Oak. There are also many other choices of colours and style that could bring a sense of completeness to almost every interior design. The company is working with retailers from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and many others throughout the country. It aims to offer long lasting, durable and value for money products. 

About Australian Select Timbers: 


Australian Select Timbers offers grand oak timber flooring solutions for all kinds of houses irrespective of furniture and decoration throughout Australia. They provide multiple options to choose from oak flooring range to suit various styles and budgets. Visit the website for more information. 

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Address: 35 Downard St, Braeside VIC 3195, Australia
Phone: 1300 098 945
Fax: +61 3 9587 0884
Email: sales@asttimbers.com.au
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