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iPhone 5 Armband Company Announces Freight-Forwarder

29, September 2014: The decision to utilize ECM’s services came as orders continue to pour in, and NeoSleeve needed to streamline their process. ECM’s warehouse in Beaverton, Oregon, will be used by NeoSleeve so that the company can assemble their product in its packaging stateside, therefore cutting down immensely on international shipping costs from their factory in China. The new partnership will also allow the company to hold more stock closer to their Amazon fulfillment warehouses, enabling them to re-stock much faster than before. 

armband for iPhone 5

Previously, NeoSleeve had been shipping direct from their factory in China to Amazon’s warehouses. NeoSleeve head of sales, Michelle Davis, commented that this method had led to financial nightmares. As freight companies are now choosing to calculate the load to be shipped not just by its weight, but also by its volume, this can mean higher costs for larger – and yet lighter – packages. Freight companies state that this method of weight calculation is a green initiative designed to encourage businesses to consider smarter and more effective packaging and freighting solutions. 

As NeoSleeve is now opting to finalize its product in the US, the company is certain that the costs saved in international freight charges will outweigh the expense of the American labor required for these final steps. Contrary to expectations, customers will not notice any differences to the finished product after these operational changes. NeoSleeve’s armband for iPhone 5 remains available for purchase on Amazon.com. 

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NeoSleeve are the proud creators of the NeoSleeve sports armband for iPhone. The small team prides themselves on their deep attention to design detail and stand by their promises of perfection. 

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