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A Brooklyn Mom Creates a New Artisanal Book App That Promotes Lexicon for Young Children

01, October 2014: "LARS AND FRIENDS"

Lars and Friends

Lars and Friends is an interactive storybook app for pre6schoolers, designed to build their vocabulary through the magic and wonder of reading. The app centers around Lars the Horse and his quirky friendship with different groups of animals.

Readers will take away the humorous and curious terms used to designate animal groups, such as aparliament" of owls, andmob" of kangaroos.

The storybook is accompanied with fully fleshed6out puzzle features and an interactive vocabulary learning section.

Created by Brooklyn6based artist and mother, Carla Susanto, it was born out of her discovery that young children build a richer vocabulary when parents use sophisticated words in conversation. “For a child, developing vocabulary beyond its practical basics is developing their personality and confidence to interact with the world." she explains.

The beautifully animated stories delight curious young minds by introducing culture, diversity, vocabulary, general knowledge, and etiquette in a fun, interactive, and imaginative way.

Lars and Friends was recently awarded the Kirkus Star by Kirkus Reviews as a book app with exceptional merit. It’s available for iPad in the iTunes App Store, and for Kindle Android at Amazon.com.

About the Artist:

Carla Susanto is a Indonesian­-born Canadian artist. She graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Among her recent works, two of her animated short films, Tsunami, Horses and Civilization (2010) and L'Aubade (2012) were Official Selections of the Toronto International Film Festival. She resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Daniel and her daughter Emma.

For more information, contact: 917­-972­-9089 or email: susanto(dot)carla(at)gmail(dot)com

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