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Do some changes to reduce weight

01, October 2014: If you going to implement your weight loss plan, do some changes in your life, it will help you reduce weight easier

1. Usually climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, it will not only "burn" body heat, but also enhance heart function for longevity.

2. You can climb the hill nearby early in the morning or in the evening. When you enjoy the sunrise, sunset, the body's heat has quietly disappeared.

3. Do the chores as funny aerobic exercise, the calories consumed will surprise you, mopping floors one hour can consume 250-400 calories; ironing clothes removes 205 calories; settling beds, 210-240 calories ; laundry, 160 calories.

4. Bike to work as much as possible. If the workplace is too far from home, you can take the bus at first to a place which is not far away from the workplace and then walk there

5. Tell others about the achievements you have made in terms of weight loss, so that you will win the compliment of others and immediately received wide support. In addition, to keep telling the others your achievements can make you have more motivation to insist

6. Do not weigh repeated every few days. Because the water help up in the body will range from 1-4 pounds and the muscle is heavier than fat, so weighing every day will make you lose confidence. On the other hand, always pay attention to the clothes to see if they are still worn fit, so you can know the progress and always maintain enough power.

7. Do not think you can consume all the calories by physical exercise. You can not and should not do this. your daily intake of calories should not be less than 1200 calories

Of course, if you are taking lida daidaihua diet pills for weight loss, you can also keep above advises in mind and follow them to make your weight lose faster.

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