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Sicilian and North African Cuisine Celebrated at Sicily’s Cous Cous Festival

01, October 2014: The annual Cous Cous Festival in San Vito Lo Capo, in the province of Trapani, is gearing up to be held this year from September 23rd through 28th. A celebration of Sicilian and North African cuisine, the festival always means an influx of visitors to the town to stay in the local rental holiday villas. Sicily’s only festival solely devoted to the many flavours and texture of one dish, the Cous Cous Festival's aim is to encourage cultural integration and test the mettle of cooks and chefs from around the world as they concoct culinary masterpieces based on this one key ingredient. 

Cous cous is among the world’s food staples, along with rice and pasta. Made from durum wheat bran ground into fine grains and then steamed and usually served with a savoury broth or whatever vegetables are in season, cous cous has always been heavily identified with the North African culture. However, culinary experts say the dish represents the ‘marriage’ of local and global - its presentation, flavouring and serving preferences reflect the areas where it is eaten. 

Record numbers of visitors are expected to join in the fun that kicks off on the last Tuesday of the month, when they will be able to observe chefs from various countries create their own interpretation of the dish that truly reflects their respective culture. This year’s festival, like the previous ones, is not just about the food, but also about culture, and the mutual acceptance and appreciation of cultural distinctions. 

Those looking to book villas (Sicily abounds with excellent accommodation) nearby in order to attend the festival are advised to get in early, as this time of the year is particularly popular for holidaymakers renting villas. Sicily has more than just the Cous Cous Festival however, and many tourists come to enjoy the wonderful beaches, warm hospitality and spectacular landscape of this delightful Italian island at any time of the year. 

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