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NeoSleeve 60% Off Coupon Deal Ending Tomorrow

01, October 2014: The iPhone 5s jogging case company NeoSleeve today made a post on their Facebook page, reminding its followers that their current 60% off coupon deal is to end October 2nd 2014.

iPhone 5s jogging case

The incredibly large but temporary discount was put into effect by the company so that they might move a sizeable quantity of their product. This move will likely increase their much-needed review count, as well as their exposure; resulting in a better ranking on Amazon. All of these benefits combined will ultimately snowball their results, at least this is believed to be NeoSleeve’s intention.

The coupon deal was only initiated a few days ago and customers quickly swarmed to snatch up a NeoSleeve sports armband for themseleves. Allowing time for Amazon to fulfill the orders, and the customers to try out their armbands, it will be some time before NeoSleeve is seeing that increased review count they so desperately need. However, due to the fact that Amazon’s bestseller ranking updates every hour, the ranking of NeoSleeve’s new running armband has already begun to climb favorably.

At this point it is evident that the coupon promotion is a thorough success for the company, leading many to believe that this will not be the last time NeoSleeve makes a move such as this. In the meantime, it is suggested that would be consumers keep an eye on NeoSleeve’s Facebook page, as well as the numerous deal/coupon sites found on the web, to track future promotions.

The coupon deal, and NeoSleeve’s new product itself, are available for purchase only on Amazon.com.

About NeoSleeve:

Website: http://facebook.com/neosleeveUSA

NeoSleeve are the proud creators of the NeoSleeve sports armband for iPhone. The small team prides themselves on their deep attention to design detail and stand by their promises of perfection.

Media Enquiries: NeoSleeve

For all media enquires please contact Nicole Hart at media@neosleeve.com

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