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Don’t eat at night if you want to reduce weight

01, October 2014: For people who determined to lose weight but hard to cut down, please check if you controlled the diet at daytime while eat some at night due to hungry? Be careful, you will gain more and lost less.

Our bodies are tend to store fat easily at night, if a large number of calories are taken at bedtime, the body will naturally hoard a bunch of fat, of course, you will unknowingly being fat ! That's the reason why people go on a diet have to say no to foods at late night.

But proteins can be considered for people who want to reduce the heat. For example: tofu, fish and the like are able to be taken, they are low in calories but high in nutritious, And protein is better to be intake in the evening , because the body will secret a lot of growth hormones within four hours after falling asleep, eat protein-rich foods at night can promote the body cells and muscle growth, people who want to lose weight can eat then with no worries

Except above suggestion, below are also good for weight loss

Hungry is when the body burns fat: take half an hour to one hour exercise at this time can burn fat best, pay attention to take water after exercise.

Slow eating : it is the best way to satisfy the appetite and reduce food intake

Avoid too long sleep: seven hours of sleep a day is enough, the metabolic rate is lowest during sleep and the energy consumption is at least, the amount of cholesterol and fat synthesis will be greatly increased, so it is not good for weight loss if you sleep too long

If you are taking lida diet pills for weight loss, keep above advises in mind and do so at the same time, you will get faster effect and better results

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