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Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Announces Production Lines for Optical Fiber Cables

Shanghai, China; 06, October 2014: Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. keeps improving its production line for the manufacturing of optical fibers that can carry data in a speedy and safe manner. Recently, the company has updated its production line with an objective of providing high quality cabling products, fueling the growth of the communication and data transmission industry. One can learn about the finer details of the company’s new inventions on their website.

The company spokesperson maintains that the new production lines will be ideal to meet the requirements of the modern data transmission industry. For example, the new Fiber tight buffer production line brings the production capability of tight buffer and dry tubes, allowing data to travel flawlessly without encountering any obstacle on the way. The production line includes preheating device, cooling system, blow dryer, electric control system and touch screen, in order to maintain the production flow as per the desired specifications. The production line features a high production speed with an improved quality parameter.

Another path-breaking improvement includes their FTTH drop cable production line for manufacturing FTTH cable. With a great production speed of 100m/min, the production line features an electrical control system of Siemens PLC and a touch screen. There are several types of upgrades in its components that can ensure high quality FTTH cable production in an automated environment.

According to the spokesperson, they also have improved their Premise cable production line, and have been receiving overwhelming response from various industries for this production line. The production line can be used for manufacturing a variety of cabling products that include Simplex, Duplex zip cord, FTTH drop cable, etc. One can also have the liberty of choosing several custom production parameters, such as the diameter range, fiber count, mechanical line speed and others. Thus, the production line can be suitable for custom cabling products developments, suitable for various industry needs.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company keeps innovating and they believe that these new production lines will provide industries with the perfect cabling products that they require for their data transmission needs. To learn more about these production lines, one may visit their website http://www.weiye-ofc.com/.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Weiye has been researching and manufacturing optic fiber cable equipment since 1998. The company’s products include fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line and so on. The market share and equipment’s performance of the company are highly acknowledged in China and worldwide.

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