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Shinewei International Brings Advanced Quality WIFI Security Camera, Solutions & Devices

Shenzhen, China; 06, October 2014: With a new range of Sport Cameras, Car Cameras, Security Cameras and Gadgets, Shinewei International intends to make the world a safe place for the human habitat. The company boasts of its sophisticated security solutions and devices that have been designed specifically to ensure safety and security at various places. They also have sport cameras and car cameras with HD recording to catch the actions while on the go and enhance a sense of security among people of the modern times.

According to the company spokesperson, they have WIFI Camera in their portfolio with several advanced features such as light sensor, two-way voice function, 80 degree lens with high megapixel resolutions etc for great performance. Such a camera can serve the purpose of an advanced security device that keeps recording complete actions silently, wherever it is installed. The company focuses on best quality products and keeps updating its portfolio with new range of cameras and devices.

The newly introduced WIFI Waterproof Full HD Action Camera is a benchmark product of Shinewei International. It is a one-of-its kind helmet camera with 1080P G-sensor that could be perfect for sports lovers, adventure enthusiasts, travelers, mountaineers, trekkers and others. With 14MP image resolution and 1080P video resolution, this waterproof camera can even capture underwater actions. A 32GB MicroHD slot provides enough storage to capture a number of images and videos. Powered by the WiFi function and a built-in motor, it can keep recording actions to ensure a complete safety of the person wearing it.

The company has introduced another remarkable device, the Wireless WIFI Security Camera bulb. This camera bulb includes a 2.0MP sensor and can keep recording everything in a discreet manner. With a 720P resolution and a wide angle lens, the camera can cover a wider area for recording. It also supports Android and iOS operating systems for users to receive live images on their mobile devices.

Shinewei International has a long list of feature-rich security cameras and devices that can be used for ensuring safety and security of premises. One can check the entire range of products and their specifications and features on their website http://www.shineweiltd.com.

About Shinewei International Limited:

Shinewei International is the leading OEM distributor and wholesale supplier of Waterproof Full HD Sport Camera, HD Torch Camera, Full HD Car Camera, WIFI Car Camera, WIFI Sport Camera, P2P Security Camera and other related security devices. The company is based in China and has its production unit there to design and develop high quality security solutions.

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