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Ungagged Conference scheduled for November 15-17, 2014

Come November 15, the Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas will be host to hundreds of people attending the first ever SEO UNconvention organized by Black Hat Conference. The Las Vegas UnGagged UNconvention is like no other Internet Marketing and SEO conference. The main aim of the unGagged convention is to enlighten people on what works in SEO today and to provide clear and unrestricted insight on how to succeed on the web.

In this world of conglomerates and international brands where most new businesses are franchisees, it can be difficult for independent businesses to succeed. Regardless of how good or reasonably priced one’s products or services are, how can one  achieve the kind of brand awareness that can compete with the bigger and more familiar names? No matter what medium one uses, big businesses and companies always has the advantage.

However, the internet has evened the playing field a little. In the virtual world, even the smallest start up business can compete with the biggest companies. Having a website increases the chances of one’s business being seen. But relying on just having a website is not enough. It needs to be optimized for more visibility. This is why UnGagged 2014 is perfect for start ups and successful businesses.

At unGagged, attendees can hear uncensored insight and strategies from some of the biggest names in SEO and sales and marketing.  The topics range from white hat to black hat techniques, covering issues like content-writing, web design, seo, social media, blogging and more. The lineup of celebrated speakers reveals their strategies and secrets for success and enlightens people on the workings of the internet. Scott Stratten, Dave Snyder, Brad Gosse, Jeremy Schoemaker, Rae Hoffman, Damien Trevatt, Matthew Woodward, Lane Becker and Justin Gilchrist are just few of the people who will be speaking at this conference.

Hosted by Erika Napoletano, unGagged is a 3-day convention which will kick start on November 15 at the illustrious Caeser’s Palace, Las Vegas. For more information please go to http://ungagged.com/

About Ungagged.com

Ungagged.com is the official website for the Ungagged Convention which is a 3-day event starting from November 15 2014. The website contains all the necessary information about the event such as the venue, the speakers and more. For information on the Ungagged Convention 2014, people can log on to this website.

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