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Common weight loss ingredients in autumn

Pawhuska, OK; 07, October 2014: Autumn is relative dry, then much attention should be paid to the diet when changing season, Meanwhile ultimately with movement. Next, along with some autumn diet should understand how to eat, how to move, Rapid increase metabolism, removal of edema, which may has the close effect as zi xiu tang you ordered from www.zxtcapsule.com.

Lose weight in autumn should eat foods which is rich in cellulose, which can increase satiety, Provide high-quality protein foods. Then I will introduce some common weight loss ingredients.

Lamb is sweet and hot, with a diuretic effect, is suitable for autumn and winter warm-up health diet food. Mutton increase secretion of digestive enzymes, Helps the body's digestion and absorption of food, And to protect the stomach, increased gastrointestinal function. Lamb with white radish mix, White radish contains mustard oil and a variety of digestive enzymes, can promote metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of food and aid digestion. This is in line with the fall in demand for weight loss, can remove the smell of mutton.

Autumn is the season of fresh apples listed.
Malic acid can accelerate metabolism and reduce lower body fat, And it contains calcium than other fruits rich, which can reduce the salt content is lower body edema. Apple is rich in pectin, there is the role of diarrhea, With light fish with more nutritious and delicious.

Seaweed is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2,
Conducive to detoxify the body and discharge water accumulation, Elimination of edema, promote metabolism. Deli in with bean sprouts, shrimp soup, Both rich in nutrients, calories and low, Ideally suited to thin human consumption.

Eggs actually very good,
It contains vitamin B2 can help the body eliminate fat, Nicotinic acid and vitamin B1 it contains can remove the lower body obesity. So autumn can eat a little egg, goose and so on. Spinach can promote blood circulation, Help enhance metabolism, can help stovepipe. Winter wanted to crush soup, you can drink "spinach and egg soup."

Pumpkin sweet and warm, warm the body, Nourishing strength spleen and stomach, and lungs and diuretic, Fall cultivation and consumption of both weight loss, pumpkin is rich in cobalt, can promote metabolism, And islet cells constitute essential substances, can effectively lower blood sugar.

Eat these food usually can help you have a slimming and a healthier body.

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