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Arrow Sun offers its comprehensive bamboo flooring services

Australia, 08, October 2014: The floors are a very important interior part of any establishment. These are used extensively by the dwellers on a regular basis. Furniture and many heavy items are placed on different spaces. Consequently, it is crucial to have strong floors which can comfortably bear the weight of heavy objects and daily wear and tear. Arrow Sun is a specialty flooring service provider in Australia with years of experience in constructing bamboo floors. The arrow bamboo flooring range provides as much as 14mm solid strand woven bamboo. The following board has physical and mechanical features which make a hard and strong wearing surface.

The strand woven bamboo flooring range of Arrow comes in variety of options. It includes Sandhurst, Beachwood, Stone wood, White Haven, Ochre Sands, etc. People looking for darker shades for their floors can try out from Merlot, Whiskey and Licorice. Straw is another option for people looking for lighter shades for their floors. Arrow Sun also constructs wide board bamboo floors which ensure comfortable indoor environments. The wide board bamboo flooring options available includes Brown Wattle, Chardonnay, Ebony, Eureka, Latte, Rocco Sands, Shiraz and Torquay.

Arrow Sun offers many choices in Barrington hardwood flooring range. Customers can choose their favourite colours and shades which suits their interior. It includes options in deep warm colours for a classic appeal in Jarrah, Iroko, and Coastal Blackbutt. In the modern and sophisticated range, there are choices in spotted gum, pecan rustic, sucupira, Sydney blue gum, Tasmanian Oak etc. All of these are specifically harvested from Barrington tops situated close to Gloucester in New South Wales. Bamboo and Barrington accessories also come in various options like Scotia, stair nosings and underlay. Arrow Sun has many bamboo flooring brochures which are available in PDF formations. Anyone can download them from the website or order a hardcopy which could be comfortably posted to the respective address.

The Australian flooring company also strives to maintain high standards in the locking systems. During environmental changes, bamboo floor strength is usually tested. Thus, its capacity is of paramount importance for undesirable moisture may bring board expansion applying pressure on the locking system. High quality uni-click locking system used by Arrow Sun ensures proper and much needed protection. Consequently things like moisture, dust, gaps and dirt are unable to enter the joints. Walking on the floor isn’t noisy but comfortable unlike cheaply available inferior locking systems of the market. Customers can search their choice of product from the website by entering its name.

About Arrow Sun:


Arrow Sun offers bamboo flooring services for all kinds of establishments. It has many traditional and modern styles and designs to choose from. It focuses on offering high quality and long lasting products. There are also choices in bamboo and Barrington accessories. Visit the website for more information.

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