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3 Fruits For Weight Loss

North Augusta, SC; 08, October 2014: Fruit diet is a weight-loss methods that a lot of people like, they are not only sweet, but also can supplement rich nutrients, below introduce 3 fruits for better weight loss.

Pitaya: water-soluble dietary fiber can increase satiety

Slimming effect: dragon fruit is not only rich in nutrients, but is low in calorie while high in fiber, regular consumption has a effect of prevention of constipation, which is due to vegetable protein it contains, when this kind of material combined with the heavy metals ions of body, it can play a role in detoxification, expelling toxins out of the body and effective controlling weight, it is one of the best choice for beauty and weight loss.

Lemon: Natural fruit acid can promote gastric motility

Slimming effect: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it is very good for slimming and beauty, lemon can start the process of self-purification of the body, dissolving away the excess fat of the body, it can also promote the body's metabolism, clean and repair human digestive system, making it healthier to adjust the absorption balance, so that the intake of sugar and fat are all converted into energy and won’t accumulated in the body, achieving weight loss goals.

Pineapple: vitamins, minerals can accelerate fat soluble

Slimming effect: Pineapple is rich in vitamins needed by the body, as well as 16 kinds of natural minerals, it is a magical weight loss fruit, it contains natural digestive ingredients, which is called pineapple enzyme, it can break down proteins and fat, letting the protein rapidly digested, besides, its rich cellulose can also help to solve the problem of constipation.

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