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Recent Flipkart Big Discount Project Was Criticized By More Than 10000 People – says – idigic.com

10, October 2014: Many people waited for that big Monday discount offered by Flipkart using so many advertisements in papers and local media. Everybody was ready to spend some rupees on a great deal but they were not satisfied. Facebook and Twitter accounts expressed the user’s disappointment saying that many offers presented in the advertisements were not really accurate. The supposed sale of many items is not actually available. Many users said that the advertisements were designed to be misleading. 

Another problem being protested by any users is that the systems are crashing in the middle of a transaction. The spokesperson of Flipkart admitted that the internet traffic was really heavy but he denied that the system crashed. Apparently, this is not true if we were to ask the users. The spokesperson did not give any details to the issue. The founders of Flipkart spoke and said that the technology team is actually doing their job. They also said that the one hundred million dollar target has been reached in a span of ten hours. Nobody explained anything about the issues presented by the media and by the social networking accounts. 

On the other hand, Flipkart’s biggest rivals, Snapdeal and Amazon India, were doing their own share of the business at that certain time. Snapdeal was running a campaign with the tagline, “for others it’s a big day. For us, today is no different.” Amazon is actually on sale for how many days before this Flipkart sale project. They called it Mission to Mars weekend. 

According to the CEO and founder of Snapdeal, the company (Snapdeal) made a record breaking sale on that very same day. 

The advertisements were soon revamped as the users used the social networking sites to express the disappointment about the misleading statements given by Flipkart. Many users even said that other products were much more expensive than that of the rival’s price. Again, the founders said nothing. 

Other headlines actually released certain stories about this incident. But all of them contained no statement from the owners. The headlines said that Flipkart will be launching new models of tablets and other products. Some of the made before the supposed big day promoted the said activity. This includes online news programs. 

As of today, the headlines have no updates concerning the Flipkart issue, but many users are disappointed and said that they will probably lay low on the e-tailers website for a while. 

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