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Dr oz garcinia cambogia Explains Advantages & Disadvantages of Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

United States; 10, October 2014: Do you know that sweet-tasting syrup can actually help you lose good amount of weight? Does it seem like it is too juicy and good to be true? The good news is, this is what scientists and weight loss experts such as Dr. Oz are saying about dr oz garcinia cambogia , which has become so popular just recently as a weight loss supplement. Unlike many weight loss aids,garcinia cambogia dr oz has some real life actual human being research that back up the claims.

What is garcinia cambogia dr oz

Garcinia cambogia dr oz is a natural sweetener that that is neither sugary based nor chemical based and has very high chances of being popular in the future.

Dr oz garcinia cambogia is produced from a potato-like plant that comes from parts of South America. This very root has been a natural diet for Andean people for ages. The syrup itself is quite sweet and is processed from the roots of a plant. Sometimes, it is referred to as a ground apple and is sliced and eaten raw. To extract the juice, one needs to ground the tuber and then press it, to extract some juice. 

Garcinia cambogia dr oz pro and cons 


1. It is a metabolism booster
2. It promotes weight loss
3. It increases calcium absorption in your body.
4. Prevents constipation
5. Well known as prebiotics, so it helps keep the digestive system healthy.
6. Keeps one bones healthy


1. Large doses have been known to cause digestive problems such as flatulence and diarrhea 

Benefits of garcinia cambogia dr oz 

Since this particular weight loss aid is a pro-biotic and not a true sugar, it is digested by the body differently. So, the body metabolizes garcinia cambogia dr oz soluble fiber, and we are all aware that adding fiber to our diets is beneficial to our health. Again, Yacon syrup has a very low Glycemic index; it is considered appropriate for use by people with diabetics. 

Studies show that, it has the ability of regulating blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol levels. It is considered to be a true whole food that is very low in calories, contain a very low level of net carbohydrates and it is glucose free. 

Most of its natural sugar is never absorbed; hence, it doesn’t produce a sugar spike which is experienced when one consumes other forms of sweeteners. 

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