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UK TV Star Julia Bradbury Is Pregnant Again At 44 After IVF Treatment

10, October 2014: Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury had been longing for a bro or sis for her young son Zephyr, when she was detected with endometriosis and came to the conclusion that it was not ever going to take place, but the good news is that her public statement reveals she has actually been confirmed as pregnant following a successful course of IVF treatment, and is said to be over the moon with happiness.

Julia Bradbury Treatment

The number of expectant pregnant moms in their forties has almost doubled that of 1990 and approximately 4 times as many than in the 1980s. This increase has been put down to the amount of females who are now going to university then start a career before beginning to multiply. The Workplace for National Stats reveals that in 2012 there were 28,714 pregnancies in England and Wales of women who had passed 40. In that very same year, the number of over-40 mothers surpassed teens for getting pregnant for the very first time since records began.

The Countryfile host said she was never really sure whether she would ever have kids again or not, especially for being over 40, and due to the fact that she had actually been diagnosed with endometriosis, an extremely painful condition that affects the womb. During the birth, more problems cam to light when she was identified with pre-eclampsia. At the end of in 2013, Miss Bradbury said that she would love her Zeph to have a bro or sis however at 43 she needed to be realistic. Her new prime-time ITV show called "The Marvel of Britain" will be aired early next year.

As IVF treatment becomes a more viable option for many and with IVF success rates increasing, innovation now offers us with a test to determine the baby's sex a lot earlier. Though it was not clear whether Julia needed to know the sex of her child or not at this phase, the option has actually been offered if she wished to. Previously couples would have to wait up until the 4th or 5th month of a pregnancy to learn what the sex of a baby was, with an ultrasound scan and even not till the 3rd or fourth month with amniocentesis, but now it is possible to know the child's gender during week 8 of a pregnancy by carrying out a simple blood test.

Figuring out the sex of the fetus at an early stage is essential in the diagnosis of mono-genetic conditions that are linked to sex chromosomes such as hemophilia or Duchene muscular dystrophy. During pregnancy the presence of total DNA outside the fetus enhances in the carrier's blood plasma and can be recognized after the fifth week of maternity. From the eighth week it is possible to isolate it and while using molecular biology techniques that a have 98 % performance rate, be able to test for the presence of chromosome Y (a boy) or if absent (a girl).

One clinic that does offer the test is IVF-Spain, located near Alicante. Complete IVF treatment info can be found on their website right here: http://ivf-spain.com/treatments/first-visit

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