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Better Body Auto provides professional automobile-repair service

The United States of America, October 11, 2014: Collision between automobiles is not uncommon, especially in advanced countries like the United States, where almost every family has a car. But, cars are expensive property, and purchasing a new one after an accident is not practically possible for all. Better Body in Queens is the solution to the woes of all those who are victims of car-collision but cannot afford to replace their cars with a new one. Better Body Auto provides totally professional repairing service. It specialises in restoration of cars from the post-collision state to their pre-collision condition. It provides full-range of repair-service, including painting.

Better Body Auto is renowned for auto body repair in Queens NY . It is a household name in many of the families that have faced car-collision in the past. Its auto-repair facility is certified by PPG, which is known for its high standards in terms of safety of people as well as the environment. Better Body Auto has a record of satisfactory car-repair service. The standard of its service and the finish that its technicians leave on the repaired cars can deceive many to believe that the vehicle has been purchased recently. It is the precision and accuracy with which mechanics at Better Body Auto service the cars that has earned the company the reputation that it enjoys.

PPG adheres to high standards of service, and certification from it signifies that Better Body Auto meets the parameters to be part of community of ‘PPG-certified’. Consistency is another significant attribute of the automobile-repair company. People get the same or improved standard of service throughout the year. Extensive additional services are another reason why people can afford to approach Better Body in Queens first. It is not just a business to make profit out of the mishap that someone has faced. Besides the auto-body repair in Queens NY, the service centre also provides useful information that can help car owners understand whether others are taking advantage of their situation.

Better Body in Queens provides reports of surveys, research, etc. to increase the awareness among automobile owners. The information is shared through its official website, which everyone can access as per his/her convenience. People can learn about the true meaning of certain terms that are used in automobile-repair industry and are typically confusing to laymen. The positive Better Body Auto Collision reviews are evidence of how and how much it has benefitted its customers. It is among the leaders in terms of implementation of new technology such as Car-O-Liner. Its SprayBake spray booth can paint cars with factory-finish.

About Better Body Auto

Website: http://betterbodyauto.net

Better Body Auto is an automobile-repair centre in South East Queens, New York. It was opened in 1990 and has been successfully restoring damaged cars to their earlier state since then. It is certified by PPG and employs some high-end technology such as Car-O-Liner.

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