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Auto Body Repair in Queens NY Announces to Mend Cars of All Makes & Models

Queens, NY; October 11, 2014: Roads are becoming more and more vulnerable with the each passing day. Accidents have become an everyday-reality and car owners often need the services of an auto collision specialists to get their cars back again in a working condition. In Queens NY, Better Body Auto Collision is a reliable auto repair specialist that can repair cars of all makes and models at their well-equipped auto repair center. They offer quick and affordable auto body repair in Queens NY for owners of all types of cars and vehicles.

The spokesperson of the auto repair service maintains that they have expert technicians for different types of vehicles. “With their vast experience and knowledge, they can repair a car speedily, allowing a car owner to get back to the road again. We can repair any kind of body damage and the malfunctioning so that one can drive their car, with confidence and without experiencing any difficulty on the road,” he states.

In the last few years, the cases of road accidents have grown dramatically due to the growing number of vehicles plying on the road. According to the spokesperson, they also are witnessing an increasing number of vehicles coming to their repair center. “One more important reason is the better body auto collision reviews from our customers. We always receive positive and cheerful reviews from the car owners and which is significantly adding to our customer base,” he states again.

The better body in Queens is the first PPG certified auto repair facility and is always recognized for their quality and professional car mending services. They have been in the business since 1990 and have raised the bar of car repairing services in Queens NY. Since they now announce to repair all types of cars and vehicles, one needs not to look out for any other auto collision repair center in Queens NY. To learn more about their services, one may visit their website http://betterbodyauto.net .

About Better Body Auto Collision:

Better Body Auto Collision has been a source of excellent collision repairs in South East Queens since 1990. Better Body Auto Collision continues to meet and exceed high levels of standards for quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction. They are proud to partner with theCertifiedFirst Network and are well recognized for taking good care of their customers. Better Body Auto Collision is equipped with all the latest technology so that a car can be restored to the pre-accident condition.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Sharon-Minott Thompson
Email: info@betterbodyauto.net
Website: http://betterbodyauto.net.

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