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Artezanya sells imitations of Beni Ourain rugs online

The United States of America, October 11, 2014: Rugs and carpets are common households. They are used for different purposes, such beautification and protection, by different people. They play a significant role in the interior decoration of houses, offices, shops, etc. Interior designers either follow a trend or set a new one depending upon the requirement and situation. Antique rugs are highly in demand for unique interior decor. Moroccan rugs are the latest fad in the market. They can be intermittently seen on fashion magazines and interior-decoration shows. Artezanya is an online shop that sells cheap imitations of Beni Ourain rugs, since the original ones that are imported from Africa are expensive and not unaffordable for many.

Artezanya is a new ecommerce enterprise, launched to sell Beni Ourain rugs at cheap price in the United States. Thus, its business is strategically planned to be beneficial for both owners and customers. It sells a selection of rugs as of now. The rugs have close resemblance to the original ones, which are characterised by black, grey and creams-colour wool and geometric patterns that are not perfect shape. The imitations are not made of the same wool that is used for making the original Moroccan rugs. However, they appear real and are much similar in look and feel. The colour of the rugs sold at Artezanya is dominantly off-white, cream, black or grey and the patterns are not perfectly symmetric either.

Moroccan rugs, especially those made by Beni Ourains and Berber Kilims are in significant demand at present. Homes, offices and shops that are appropriately adorned with these rugs give an impression that the owner is aware of the trend and up-to-date with it. Beni Ourain rugs are known for their softness and pretty patterns and textures. They are totally organic since they are made by various Berber tribes that live in Moroccan mountains. The Berber tribes mostly prefer colourless to colourful. Even the rugs that are colourful are coloured with natural dyes such as Cochineal, Iron Sulphate, Indigo, Almond leaves and Henna. They rear sheep and use its wool to make rugs. Since all the rugs are hand-made, every piece is unique.

Artezanya is complete ecommerce shop and operates independently. It provides affordable Moroccan rugs and has flexible terms of transaction. Users can select their favourite piece and place an order for it. They can cancel their order as well as return the shipped item for whatever reason they have. Order-cancellation and product-return done without delay and for proper reason may lead to refund too.

About Artezanya

Website: http://www.artezanya.com/

Artezanya is an ecommerce enterprise that is dedicated to sales of Moroccan rugs-imitation. It sells rugs that are close to Beni Ourain rugs in terms of quality and design but not as expensive. It also sells Boucherouite rugs and items of Berber Kilims.

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