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Metec Metal presents a range of multi-purpose modular scaffold system

China, 11, October 2014: Building and construction industry has evolved over the years and it requires assistance of high tech machines. Use of advanced machines and techniques helps in effective and quicker turnaround time for different building and construction projects. Scaffold system is one of those essential elements which are used for accessing and supporting different structures in building and construction industry. They are vital in ship building, galvanized high strength steel modular components which assembles different kinds of integral wedge connectors. There are several companies which manufacture these scaffold systems for different industries. Metec Metal is one company which hails from China and offers a vast number of scaffold systems to customers globally.

There are different system with a complete range of accessories which includes steel planks, system toe boards, ladders, reinforced ledgers, and system toe boards. The company is based in Wuxi City which is about 120kms from Shanghai. The different scaffolding systems which the company offers includes Ringlock scaffolding which is a multi-purpose modular scaffold system that could be used for different kinds for accessing as well as supporting the structures of the building. The different systems comprise of galvanized strength steel modular components which are assembled by the use of edge connectors. In order to check the complete range of products, customers can view their website. It has been divided into accessories which include steel planks, system toe boards, ladders, stairs, reinforced ledgers, and side brackets.

The fact that the components are galvanized and built for an increased safety, resistance for damage, and service life. Depending on the applications and industries these products are manufactured by the company. The entire product range has been subdivided as Ringlock scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Frame Scaffolding, Aluminium Scaffolding, Pipe stand, hand truck, ladder, etc. Each of the category features a range of products to choose from. Each product comes with its details which facilitates the buyers to understand the specifications and evaluate the products which would suit their requirements. People might use the Inquire Now option present below the product details. Moreover, for customers who are interested for any specific product could get in touch with the company by using any of the contact options available on the website. The website also features latest from the industry and the products on offer in its News section.

About Metec Metal:


Metec metal is a manufacturing company which is involved in manufacture of multi-purpose modular scaffold system. Its products include all kinds of access and support structures for building and construction industries, offshore, construction as well as industrial maintenance. The company is based in Wuzi City which is near the city of Shanghai. To know more or order their products, customers can use the contact options available on the website.

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