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Dr. Philipp Agostini Announces Facial, Body, Breast & Buttock Shaping Surgeries at His Ultimate Private Clinic in Bolzano

Bolzano, Italy, 13, October 2014: There are many people who fail to make a decision of undergoing a plastic surgery amidst concern that people will come to know about it. The issue of privacy becomes even more dominating when it comes to body shaping, breast and buttock surgeries. Now, Dr. Philipp Agostini announces about his ultimate private clinic in Bolzano, Italy, where one will be assured of a complete privacy. Dr. Philipp is a qualified plastic surgeon and he promises to offer highly successful facial rejuvenation and other types of plastic surgeries at his well-equipped center located in Bolzano. 

Besides offering his patients a safe and secure treatment environment, Dr. Philipp remains available at any time to answer patient queries and provide them with the necessary treatment. Along with his fellow plastic surgeons, he endeavors to provide the best body shaping and other types of plastic surgeries under his close supervision. Dr. Philipp takes part in conferences and workshops regularly so that he can take help of the latest technologies to deliver the best outcome through his surgeries and treatments. He has all the latest devices and trained technicians at his facility for his patients coming from different parts of the world. 

Dr. Philipp maintains that the privacy is important for many people undergoing plastic surgeries. “Whether someone has a celebrity status or is a common individual, we assure them the desired privacy. This keeps them calm and confident to help achieve the desired results in a rather speedy manner,” he states. According to him, people are today more conscious about their beauty and physical appearance, and he is offering a permanent solution for people to keep their body parts in beautiful shapes to look more attractive. 

For a woman, who wants to undergo a breast surgery to enhance her physical beauty will find Dr. Philipp’s Bolzano clinic as the perfect place for a surgery. Not only she will enjoy the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon, but will also remain assured of the complete confidentiality about her surgery. All men and women willing to undergo any kind of plastic surgery can learn more about Dr. Philipp by visiting his website http://www.philippagostini.it/ 

About Dr. Philipp Agostini, MD: 

Dr. Philipp Agostini is a Plastic Surgeon who has been trained in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA and Brazil. He is a well-known professional with a long-time experience and as a member of numerous professional societies regularly participates in conferences and courses. He works every day to offer high quality plastic surgery treatments to win over the trust of his patients. In addition to plastic and aesthetic surgery, he also performs various treatments of aesthetic medicine. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Philipp Agostini, MD
Telephone: +39-0471-324036
Email: info@philippagostini.it
Website: http://www.philippagostini.it/

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