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Brandt-Swift-Associates Announces Investment Research Initiatives

13, October 2014: "We believe that investment research of the highest quality and integrity is an important component in a diversified, global financial firm, but it is critical that the public have confidence in the rigor and independence of analysts' views," said Henry Choo San, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "These initiatives affirm Brandt-Swift Associates’ commitment to strong, objective research, and to working with the industry and our regulators to help restore confidence in our markets and institutions."

The initiatives announced today are:

The implementation of a statement of investment research principles that clearly delineate Brandt-Swift Associates’ investment research philosophy and underscore the analytic rigor, broad insights and objectivity that are the hallmark of significant fundamental research. Consistent with these principles, our executive management fully supports our investment analysts in providing their independent and informed opinions.

In addition, the appointment of Gerald Wang to the new position of investment research, reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Choo San, and to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Goh San. Mr. Wang will be available to all members of the global investment research division with respect to any and all issues regarding conflicts, whether they are perceived as coming from within the firm, or from external sources.

Third, as part of their continuing compliance and control related oversight role, the Board Audit Committee, which is made up of independent outside directors, will have responsibility for reviewing and monitoring the adequacy of the structures, policies and procedures that the firm has developed to assure the integrity of its research. The Audit Committee will meet regularly with the Investment Research Team, the Co-heads of Investment Research and others charged with oversight of the Research Divisions.

About Brandt-Swift Associates:

Brandt-Swift Associates (www.brandt-swift-associates.com) was created to incorporate the ethos of being relationship driven and focusing only on quality transactions. Brandt-Swift Associates provides the highest quality investment and banking advice to individuals, private and publicly listed companies through working with their key shareholders, chief executive officers, boards of directors and chief financial officers. Our clients choose us because they believe that we have the insight and capability to advise and deliver solutions on a wide range of financial transactions. Our firm is staffed with talented professionals with long years of finance experience.

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