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Evoclear water filtration company lauded for its incomparable customer satisfaction

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According to a recent report, water filtration company Evoclear has been lauded for its higher rate in customer satisfaction. The company claimed that 98 percent of its customers are highly satisfied with its products and services. This shows that the company is reliable, trust worthy, and efficient. Evoclear is also said to be one of the fastest growing companies that deals with water softener systems.

Although there are many companies which provide water filtration systems, not everyone focus on quality. With years of experience in the field, Evoclear water softener systems are build to last for a lifetime. The company assures customers that its products are durable and highly designed so that there is no need to buy another system. All its systems are manufactured using superior parts and priced reasonably. From the valves to the stainless steel tanks, Evolclear’s water softeners are carefully designed for maximum customer satisfaction. Buyers will only need to change the media every five years and it takes only 20 minutes to change that. Promising the cleanest and softest water, the company also offers lifetime warranty on valves and tanks.

One major problem faced by home owners while purchasing water softener systems is the installation part. However, Evoclear’s filters can be easily installed by anyone who has some basic handyman experience. The company also provides certified plumbers if needed. Customers can also get 90 days money back guarantee with every purchase of Evoclear’s water filter systems. This means that customers can try the system for 90 days and return it if not satisfied with the prcoduct. The company refunds full amount.

Evoclear donates 2 percent of every water softener purchased to charitywater.org. Interested individuals can visit the official website and check out the varieties of water filtration. The company can be contacted through phone, Facebook, or e-mail. For more information please go to http://www.evoclearwater.com/


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Evoclear is a reputed provider of water softener systems. Customers can expect the best quality water filtration at affordable price rate.




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