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Apprehending Cop Becomes A Mommy’s Safety Seat Hero

13, October 2014: Lexi Delorenzo chose to share her very satisfying experience on Facebook to reveal her sincere gratitude for what the officer had done for her. Lexi thanked the officer in question for not only letting her off a fine for not having a car safety seat for her child, but also for his act of empathy when buying her one from a close-by shop. 

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The authorities have discussed the incident in a statement, which said... "Officer Hall was on regular patrol when he examined a vehicle for a traffic infraction. While questioning the driver he quickly found a child to be sitting in the back of the car while restrained by a seat belt as opposed to being protected in a vehicle safety seat. The young mama was quick to recognize the offense, and told officer Hall that she clearly understood the importance of a kid being secured in a car seat however because of her limited earnings she was not able to manage one at present." 

Hall has proclaimed that Delorenzo told him her car had been repossessed that same day, and that her daughter's booster seat was still in it, and that she merely couldn't afford a new replacement car seat today. Exactly what occurred next Delorenzo would undoubtedly never ever have expected, due to the fact that instead of Hall giving her a ticket, he decided to fix the problem with a more productive idea. 

Hall told WXMI-TV that a ticket was not going to resolve the situation, as the real solution would be having the kid sat in a car seat as she is expected to. Hall then continued by instructing Delorenzo to meet up with him at the local Walmart, where instead of writing her out a ticket, he instead bought a car seat for her. In response the mother-of-two has actually published on Facebook... "Mr Hall is such a kind and fantastic man, a true cop hero, and I'll never ever forget the kindness and empathy he showed me. He also showed both my daughter and I that there are people out there who really do care. Thanks so much!" Officer Hall has also received kudos from fellow officers on the Emmett Town Department of Public Safety's Facebook page. In a recent post explaining the incident, the Department said... "A pat on the back for Public Security Officer Ben Hall, good thinking Officer Hall!" 

Nevada based accessory company Freddie and Sebbie are requesting for Lexi to call them, so they can contribute to her cause by sending her a couple of Freddie and Sebbie vehicle accessories. Company representative Neil Speight said... "I was very impressed by the generosity shown by the police officer, and it just made me want to help Lexi in a small way too. Once we have received Ms Delorenzo's mailing address, Freddie and Sebbie will be sending her two items. The Backseat Organizer, which will be ideal for saving her child's nick-knacks, and the Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats, which will certainly prevent the front seats from getting scuff marks on the back" 

Mr Speight concluded by wishing Lexi the best of luck in the future, and said he was looking forward to hearing from her shortly. 

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