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Pealriver Lighting Company Introduces Low-Maintenance & Low Energy-Consuming LED Lights

Guangdong, China; 14, October 2014: The new series of LED lights introduced by Pealriver Lighting Electric Company is being considered as a game-changer because of their excellent energy-efficient features. Moreover, the new LED lights are almost maintenance-free and provide a higher luminous efficacy. According to the spokesperson of the company, the LED lights have been designed with beneficial features that will encourage consumers to switch to LED lights, leaving traditional incandescent bulbs that consume more energy.

The new LED bulb light introduced by Pealriver shows company’s commitment to provide consumers with a low-cost and energy-efficient lighting solution for home, office, shops and all other places. These bulbs are available in various models and shapes to suit the aesthetic requirements of a built space, while illuminating the area with a bright light. The dimmable feature makes the bulb more energy saving than ordinary LED bulbs. Available with CE and RoHS safety assurance, the Pealriver LED bulbs are tested for a long lifespan. The bulbs keep emitting bright light covering a wide area, throughout the life cycle.

Pealriver has also brought a new LED ceiling light that shines brightly and helps save a significant amount of energy as compared to incandescent or halogen based ceiling lights. Available in a variety of designs, the new ceiling light features a bigger heat dissipation area for its long life and low maintenance. Moreover, the light is available at a wholesale price and one can choose from a variety of models.

The spokesperson maintains that they have achieved a significant 70-80% energy efficiency with their new LED panel light with temperature adjustable and dimmable features. With excellent brightness and high CRI, the LED panels have a long lifespan for illuminating an indoor area. The panels are available in different shapes and in attractive models that one can use to enhance the beauty of the interiors. These panels can be installed in homes, in offices, malls and other commercial locations.

Pealriver keeps innovating in order to provide consumers with a great lighting solution at compelling prices. One can check the entire range of LED lighting products they have by visiting their website www.pealriver.com.

About Pealriver Lighting Electric Co. Ltd:

Pealriver Lighting Electric Company is the LED lighting fixture manufacturer and wholesaler based out of China. The company provides a wide range of LED bulbs, LED down lights, LED panel lights, LED ceiling lights, LED street lights, LED flood lights at competitive prices.

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Company: Pealriver lighting electric Co., Ltd
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