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The world is a crazy place with people distrustful of everything and everyone, be it the government or each other. People always question the motive behind every big or small event that takes place. They come up with theories to explain why something happened, when it happened. Conspiracy theories cast the world as a simple and predictable place and offers easy answers to people’s questions.

Not all people believe in such theories but for others, conspiracy theories are intriguing. Some theories may sound credible and sometimes, they can be just plain ridiculous and learning about them is a form of entertainment. Either way, it is interesting to consider them, weigh the evidences and come up with a conclusion. One of the most popular conspiracy theories is about the JFK assassinations. Even today, there are debates about who was really behind the famous assassination.

Alien conspiracy theories are also a favourite with the masses. Alien abductions, UFO sightings, Area 51, Roswell are some of the subjects that conspiracy theorists like to debate on. So many people come forward claiming to have seen strange flying objects, UFOs, in the sky or to have been abducted by aliens. Shows and movies like the X-files and Men in Black make them even surer that aliens do exist.

With the advancement of technology, so many people now turn to the internet for their fill of conspiracy theories.  There are so many websites and blogs dedicated to posting and discussing every conspiracy theory there is. conspiracytheories.directoryis one of the popular conspiracy theory websites. Fans can find articles discussing every possible phenomenon. There is a long list of conspiracy theories to read about on this website. From cartoon conspiracies to government conspiracies, visitors can find every conceivable topic here. Some articles are hilarious while others give readers food for thought. There is also a discussion board where people can debate and throw in their two cents about their favourite conspiracy theory. For more information please go to http://www.conspiracytheories.directory/

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conspiracytheories.directory is an online platform for the latest in conspiracy theories. Aside from the featured articles, site visitors are welcome to join in any of the discussion boards. 

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