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Credit Excel Capital to charge no administration fee for processing loan application

Every now and then, people face unexpected expenses which require payment immediately. Most people, however, do not always have ready cash to use in such emergencies. In such circumstances, people turn to licensed money lenders for personal loans. Personal loans make money quickly available to those who are in dire need of money. As the name suggests, a personal loan is an amount of money that the borrower can use to pay for any expense such as paying bills, home repair expenses, emergency vehicle repair expenses and vacations.

One of the reasons why personal loans are so popular with masses is mainly because the money lender does not require the borrower’s credit rating score to determine the loan. The lender only checks the applicant’s monthly income. The other requirement to qualify for a personal loan is that the applicant needs to have savings bank account. The conditions to get a personal loan are so simple that anyone can profit from this financial service.

There are quite a few companies today that are ready to provide personal loans at short notice. It is, therefore, vital that people, looking for personal loans, be selective in order to find the right licensed money lender.

Credit Excel Capital is a pioneer money lending group in Singapore. They were established in 2010 and ever since have been considered by many as the leading registered money lending group in Singapore. Their success has been attested by their very large clientele who have continued to use Credit Excel Capitals for their various loan needs. They issue personal loans of amounts as low as 500 Singaporean Dollars and as high as 10,000 Singaporean Dollars.

The Credit Excel Capital prides themselves on being one of the fastest money lenders in Singapore. Their application procedure is quick and requires only the applicant’s monthly income statement and savings bank account. They are also one of the few licensed money lenders in Singapore who process loan applications at no cost. Aside from personal loans, Credit Excel also offers pay day loan, foreigner loan and business loan.  For more information please go to http://licensedmoneylendersg.sg/

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Licensedmoneylendersg.sg is the official website of Credit Excel Capital. Credit Excel Capital is dedicated to providing fast and hassle-free money lending services to customers. Customers can also apply for loans online through Licensedmoneylendersg.sg.




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