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Vintage Clothing Online Store Brings Retro Fashion from the 1920’s -1990’s Back in Style Again

London, UK, 16, October 2014: Fashion gets its own specific elements from time to time and it has undergone tremendous transformation in each era. In the modern times, fashion is changing even at a faster pace, with new trends set in to define the fashion statements of both men and women. In a nutshell, both men and women want to look unique and stylish. And the retro fashion from the yesteryears helps people to achieve that special or extra-ordinary look. The leading Vintage Clothing online store, Blue17 has now brought retro style clothes, footwear and accessories from the 1920’s -1990’s for men and women to don a unique style.

According to the company spokesperson, the era between 1920 and 1990 witnesses remarkable fashion trends and this is the reason why they decided to bring clothing, shoes and accessories from this period. Both men and women will find a wide range of fashionable products in this new collection to look more stylish. Women customers can buy vintage tops, vintage shirts and vintage dresses with floral prints. All these retro dresses are available at affordable prices and help meet the requirements of a perfect Women’s Vintage fashion of the bygone era.

Besides women fashion, the vintage cloth store also has introduced a wide variety of products for Men’s Vintage fashion. Men can find shirts, t-shirts, jackets and other products. According to the spokesperson, men’s leather jackets from the 1970’s and 1980’s are the special attraction among the men customers. During this period, leather jackets were introduced in many parts of the world with more sophisticated designs and smooth finishing. This is the reason why men are buying these jackets to showcase their retro style.

Blue17 has brought a large range of fashionable products for both men and women and is offering products at reasonable prices. A large range of product choice and affordable pricing are encouraging more and more people to opt for the vintage fashion. One can check all the clothing, footwear and accessories on their website http://www.blue17.co.uk/.

About Blue17:

Blue17 is a retail and wholesale business that has always focused on stocking the best quality vintage items available. Founded in 1985, the wholesale business specialized in top quality American vintage and denim Levi 50’1 jeans. Since 1994 the retail side has been in Islington at 162 Holloway Road, London. The shop is a one-stop-shop for vintage clothing, footwear and accessories at the lowest prices.

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