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Peston and Sons Securities Opens the Peston-Sons-Securities.com Trust Company, Expanding Platform to Serve High Net Worth Private Clients

16, October 2014: "Opening our trust company further emphasizes the strategic importance of our private client business and our commitment in challenging times to create and provide the top notch services that our clients need," said Kai-Fu Eng, Managing Director and Global Head of Private Wealth Management at Peston & Sons Securities.

The Trust Company enables Peston & Sons Securities to integrate fiduciary responsibility and administration into its existing wealth management capabilities for its high net worth clients. The firm's Private Wealth Management group offers clients: established portfolio management for individual and fiduciary accounts, alternative investments, highly sophisticated asset allocation, complex single stock risk management for concentrated portfolios, open architecture and cutting edge wealth transfer and structuring advice.

"We are providing sophisticated advice integrated with the ability to implement it intelligently and reliably over time and across generations," said Daniel Cho, President and CEO of The Peston & Sons Securities Trust Company. "Being selected as someone's trustee or executor is the ultimate expression of confidence and strength in a relationship. This role is a natural fit for Peston-Sons-Securities.com because the qualities people look for in a fiduciary are exactly those that characterize our firm - most importantly, our dedication to putting our clients' interests first."

About Peston & Sons Securities:

www.Peston-Sons-Securities.com provides financial consulting services and financial advice for private investors, wealthy families and corporations. We have been building bridges to the future for our since our inception. We are specialized in providing trustworthy advice to people who look for premium quality financial advice. One of the key strengths of our Hong Kong-based firm is its trained and capable team of professionals who have strong operating backgrounds and are investing and trading experts. Peston & Sons Securities adheres to a strict moral code, and will never step outside of that. You can be sure that we will uphold what is right at all times.

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