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Italy’s Amalfi Coast Features In Brand New Comedy

16, October 2014: Hugely popular British comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan have teamed up to star in Michael Winterbottom's brand new film, The Trip To Italy. This is the sequel to the original film, The Trip, which was set in the idyllic English countryside. However, this time around, Brydon and Coogan have been allowed to draw upon the inspiration of the stunning Amalfi Coast.

The film revolves around a plethora of classic Italian jokes, which are bound to resonate with anyone familiar with the country. Representatives from speciast Italian accommodation companies like Cottages to Castles are expecting an influx of interest in the region to coincide with the release of the film.

Keen film buffs may remember during the original movie that the humorous duo was guided by the words of Wordsworth and Coleridge. Similarly, The Trip To Italy has been inspired by famous literary figures such as Lord Byron and Shelley. One scene focuses upon the lakeside town where Shelley took his last breath, and the theme of death continues as the pair pays a visit to Pompeii - a comedic tone is maintained throughout, however.

Bookings through specialist accommodation companies like Cottages to Castles are expected to benefit from the boost the film will provide to the profile of the Amalfi Coast. One aspect paid much attention to in the film is the cuisine, and Brydon and Coogan are shown indulging in guinea fowl in the traditional town of Langhe, dining on fritto misto on the scenic beach of La Cantina, and drinking expensive Italian wine while enjoying glorious sunshine on the Amalfi Coast.

This is not the first time the Amalfi Coast has been showcased in film. There were some stunning scenes featuring the local Postiano beach in Under The Tuscan Sun, and Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei captured the distinct sense of Italian romance in Only You. However, there's no denying the unique appeal of The Trip To Italy – combining humour, literature and the stunning landscape of the Amalfi Coast.

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