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WOW Master Designer: World of Warcraft is too Complex Needs to Simplify

17, October 2014: Perhaps Blizzard does not expect the world of warcraft users will get larger rebound, but that doesn't mean they have given up the game.WOW, in fact, the chief designer Tom Chilton said recently, blizzard has in the past few years to expand the R&D team of WOW. Whether you are faithful old players or novice players attracted to new DLC, who need to buy wow gold, maybe you can feel the change from the game itself.

“After running for so long time, World of Warcraft user loss is difficult to avoid, and new players don't like the player in the game for a long time ten years ago," said Tom Chilton. Blizzard poured into a lot of new content in the past 10 years for the game inside, but the new DLC of Warlords of Draenor, blizzard is determined to change to make the new DLC mode.

The game is too complicated, because it contains too much information, making the game is close to the edge of collapse, and want to add some new content has become very difficult. At present, the game makers are trying to alleviate burden for the game, while adding new content, reduce the complexity of the game. Many players also said that the content of the WOW has now become very complicated, especially for new players are more difficult to digest, not mention to single finish task and obtain wow gold sometimes.

Game designers also said that at present, the development team of WOW has increased from 150 to 220, and it is a good thing for the long-term development of the game. However, it is because of team scale, the development process of Warlords of Draenor was delayed. Members of the newly added, not everyone can meet the requirements of our ideal. This requires a running-in process, and it also delayed the development speed of the game. But in the long run, blizzard released the DLC will be more frequent.

The current the number of World of Warcraft world users has been reduced to 6.8 million levels. Even so, it is not the world any MMORPG can be compared with. The future along with the speed of the release of the DLC more frequently, it believed that the game still can continue for many years.

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