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£104,000 Taxpayers Money is used to fund the Lammas School, Legal Costs

17, October 2014: A spokesperson for the local business which has been established for over 47 years, has confirmed that in November of 2012, the owner Mrs Janet Cohen who trades as Vistoria 2 Schoolwear in Walthamstow E17, who was also the school's sole exclusive uniform supplier, had written to the school's business manager in order to get the school's guarantee that the Lammas School uniform would not be changed for the forthcoming 2013 year, and had received communication from the school assuring her that there was "no change for the forseeable future".

However in April 2013, after Mrs Cohen had confirmed to the school that the goods had already been manufactured and merely awaiting delivery; she was dealt a heavy blow when she received communication from the school in June 2013 confirming that they were proceeding with the uniform change for the entire school from the next school term and that they had also appointed a different uniform stockist in the London Borough of Newham; causing parents a needless 2.5 hours round trip to purchase their uniform, when there were several established school uniform outfitters in the local area including herself.

The school also confirmed to Mrs Cohen that they were unable to defer the uniform change for a period of 12 month's in order to allow her sufficient time to sell her existing stock in accordance with their contractual obligations. Furthermore, the school's business manager, Mr Richard Hannaby, who is known to have left the school at the end of June 2013, had callously written to Mrs Cohen the following:

"I note that you have already ordered replenishments for September 2013 and we recognise this will perhaps leave you with surplus sweatshirts and polo shirts. I understand that it is one of the risks of your business"

As a direct result of the school's incompetence and reckless actions in breaching their contract with their uniform stockist, we are advised that Victoria 2 Schoolwear had suffered loss in excess of £27,000, which has left the local shopkeeper broken-hearted.

What is even more difficult to imagine, is that the Lammas School, which always promotes itself as a good school, had funded their entire legal costs of over £104,000 with taxpayer's money in an effort to cover their actions.

The spokesperson confirmed that the local shopkeeper was very saddened to learn that the LBWF council had allowed the school to dip into taxpayers hard earned funds to cover up the school's reckless actions, whist her own legal costs had been privately funded. They also believed that it did not make any commercial sense for a school to have allegedly spent in excess of £104,000 in legal costs when they undoubtedly could have settled the shopkeeper's claim at the outset for just over £27,000 excluding costs. Unprofessional and unethical conduct has been blamed for the school's actions.

Mrs Cohen is suing the Lammas School and Sports College in Leyton London E10, for over £27,000 in damages following their reckless breach of contract.

The trial continues at the Bow County Court E5.

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