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Haverland manufactures and supplies energy efficient electric products

United Kingdom; 17, October 2014: People use many electricity run products these days. It isn’t limited to televisions, music players, air conditions and computers. In order to stay normal under hard winter conditions, Haverland is offering various kinds of designer electric radiators and heaters. These modern machines are designed in way to enable maximum heat transfer. The heaters are equipped with a single electronic PID adjustable thermostat. It enables the user to control the temperature for efficient energy management. 

The adaptable electric radiators cater to the specific needs of the users. Apart from functioning as a solo electric heater, these are designed to facilitate incorporation into a fully fledged central heating system. It features injected aluminium construction which enables fast heating and simpler to regulate. These are suitable for use in homes and offices. It has a modern design that helps in cutting down on energy costs. 

Haverland made electric radiators and heaters can be categorized under three sections. These are ceramic radiators, dry stone radiators and fluid filled radiators. Ceramic and dry stone electric radiators are suitable for those who need heaters throughout the 24 hours. It offers full time comfort and warmth whenever required. Fluid filled ones have either water or oil during the manufacture process. These machines have the looks to add beauty and charm to any living space. Users have access to instant heating with a press of button. 

Haverland invites customers to select from a unique collection of heating system solutions best suited to their needs. The designer inerzia dry stone offered by the company can be installed easily. It is secure, clean and simple technology to operate. These are also low on maintenance. It is offering intensified heating performance focussing on optimized energy usage. The RCTT design is available in white colour. It has intuitive keypad and temperature setting options are anti-freeze, comfort and economy. The designer RCE comes with secure thermal limiter. RCA, RC12B Conservatory and RCVs are also available for consumers. Wall mounted electric radiators are also available for fitting in the bathrooms. 

The products manufactured by the company are marketed in over 30 nations. It caters to need of up to 4000 clients. The services are already extended to countries like China and Japan. Haverland is also involved in full fledged research and innovation in this field. The parent company has worked in the sector for 40 long years which gives Haverland a competitive edge over others. 

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Haverland is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of electric radiators, heaters, and towel rails. It is run by an expert set of professionals who have nearly 4 decades of experience of working in the field. Their products are developed to combine quality, comfort and savings for customer benefit. Visit the website for more information. 

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