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Putnam Virtual Hospital Reveals What Is Behind Venus Factor Program

17, October 2014: Lara Goodwin of Putnam Virtual in New York, is pleased to announce the launch of a new section on their website, the Reviews Page. This page has been introduced so that health and fitness experts can post detailed reviews and well researched reports about some of the top health and fitness programs in the market. According to Lara, they have taken this important step because they understand that today people want to get the best information available on health and fitness. The internet has resulted in information competition; only sites that have top quality reviews that have been researched by the best experts are able to attract significant numbers of users.

The Putnam Virtual hospital was established in 1998 and since then it has been providing users with information to help them adopt healthier lifestyles. The virtual hospital focuses mainly of health and fitness and you will find a lot of information on topics such as diets and weight loss, healthy eating and even beauty and skin care solutions. Their website, www.putnamhospital.org/the-venus-factor-review has pages that comprehensively discuss each of these areas.

We asked Lara why they choose to focus on these specific areas. "We understand that in health, fitness, weight loss and beauty are all areas that are of concern for many people not just in New York but all across America. We decided to design a website that could fulfill the needs of so many people. Our aim is to improve quality of life for those who feel they need it. We are also very keen to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles."

One area on the new Review Page seems to be getting a lot of attention. The Venus Factor review has prompted dozens of women to contact the virtual hospital for more information. We decided to find out whether it is a Venus Factor scam or whether it is the real thing. The Venus Factor review looks at a revolutionary new method of weight loss for the average woman and it has unique qualities. First, of course, is that it is designed for women alone. The second is that rather than focusing on long workouts and starvation diets the program instead works to boost female metabolism.

Lara explained how it works. "The Venus Factor review is all about targeting a hormone called leptin which is in charge of metabolism. It is present in both men and women but in women it is twice as high as in men. This should be good news, right? Unfortunately, the science shows that women respond to leptin a lot less than men do and also that when a woman goes on a diet, leptin levels drop so much that there is very little metabolism."

According to the Venus Factor review, the program uses a metabolic override which helps to speed up your metabolism by reducing leptin resistance. Users don’t have to worry about diet; they can eat whatever they like but so long as they stick to the instructions issued in the program they can expect to see guaranteed weight loss. The program lasts 12 weeks but is broken down into 2 week cycles. After each 2 week period calorie intake is switched and this is responsible for an increase in metabolism.

When you buy the program, which is surprisingly affordable, you get the weight loss plan, a virtual assistant who works with you to achieve your goals, simple workouts for added calorie burn, more than 100 coaching lessons and of course access to the Venus Factor community where you can join the discussion with thousands of other users as they discuss how to live healthier lives.

We went online to find out whether anyone has reported a Venus Factor scam. What we found was a lot of women who were very happy with the results that they achieved in such a short time.

You can find out more information by contacting the Putnam Virtual Hospital on 254-745-5928 or through their website, www.putnamhospital.org

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