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Helect Technology Limited retails and wholesales iPhone parts and accessories

Hong Kong, 18, October 2014: Smartphone is the late revolutionary innovation that has gained mass-acceptance. Apple is the pioneer of smartphones, and its iPhone is considered one of the best handsets. The smartphone-market is expanding arguably steadily. It has created scope for peripheral business such as customisation services and sales of accessories. Since the iPhone-sales are still on the rise, there has to be continuous supply of additional items needed for iPhone users. Helect Technology Limited is an online enterprise that deals in the same domain. It retails and wholesales colorful replacement parts for iPhone through its e-commerce portal named Toptech007.

In the current era of smartphones, iPhones have gained the status of signature. They symbolise exclusivity, uniqueness and even prejudice. It is observed that users of iPhone are the 21st century-equivalent of the 20th century BlackBerry-users. Users of such high-end devices deserve to have equally exclusive and unique accessories and replacement parts in order to maintain the integrity of their precious property that is envied by most of those who do not have it. Helect Technology Limited sells luxury case for iPhone online through its website Toptech007. It has wide array of cases for all the models of iPhones that have been released to-date, with the inclusion of iPhone 6.

Every luxury case sold by Toptech007 has some features or the others that make it unique and exclusive. The colour, the patterns and the texture are some of the characteristics based on which users can make a choice. The range of colour offered by Helect Technology is hardly matched by any of its competitors. From sober shades to vibrant colours, there is ample choice for iPhone users to personalise their handsets with their favourite colour. There is a wide selection of iPhone covers with patterns and designs on them. Some of the cases are even textured and can be wrapped around a handset as if the phone has been placed in a purse.

Toptech007 also sells parts of iPhones, including those of the iPhone 6. Users of the Apple device who have full understanding of the parts of mobile phones can purchase colorful replacement parts for iPhone directly through the online portal of Helect Technology. The company stands by the cases and the parts that it retails or wholesales. It accepts returns of products within 30 days of purchase, provided they are in original condition and along with their boxes. Customers can claim full refund for any luxury Phone case returned by them within the period. Helect Technology provides regular shipment by SingPost or Airmail and express delivery by UPS, DHL and EMS.

About Helect Technology Limited:

Website: www.toptech007.com

Helect Technology Limited retails and wholesales iPhone cases and replacement parts online. Toptech007 is the e-commerce platform of the company for online transactions. Its customers are spread in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, the UK, the USA, etc. and most of the Asian countries.

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