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SZ Signal Company Announces Next Generation Cable Connectors with Improved Designs & Features

Shenzhen, China; 18 October, 2014: Shenzhen Signal Electronics Company reveals the key specifications of their next generation cable connectors that feature sleeker designs and improved quality. The new connectors have been tailored to meet the requirements of various types of cable networks. With improved product design and robust features, the connectors can be used in a variety of applications such as automation, aviation, transportation, lighting and other fields.

The company boasts of its m12 connector, and maintains that this connector series can meet the cabling requirements of the modern times. There are several types of connectors in this series, with different designs to meet the requirements of different cabling sectors. With 3 to 12 contacts per connector, it can establish a robust connection. The connector cable remains protected in the PVC or PUR jacket and pin contact made of copper and zinc metals provide it with a durable feature.

SZ Signal Company is also very confident to dominate the market with their m8 connector, meant for connecting cables in various sectors, including maritime, lighting, automation and transportation. The coupling screws are made of brass with nickel plated that gives the connectors a desired level of quality improvements. The connectors are available with 3 to 5 pin contacts to meet various types of cable connecting requirements.

The company also deals in cable with molded connectors for various cabling purposes. Using plastic, stainless steel and other metals, the m12 cable is made for long-lasting use. The contacts feature phosphorus copper with gold plated to enhance its durability. The coupling screws are made of brass with nickel plated for a desired level of stability. It also exhibits a greater degree of waterproofing feature for cabling in adverse weather conditions.

According to the company spokesperson, they have developed m8 cable with molded connectors for the modern cable connecting requirements. It features a highly durable connector body with tested coding and assembly features. All these new products have been designed to offer high-quality cabling requirements in different industries. To know more about these cabling products, one may visit the website http://www.sz-signal.com/.

About Shenzhen Signal Electronics Co. Ltd:

Shenzhen Signal Electronic an innovative cabling product manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China since 2009. The company focuses on world-class, high-quality industrial connector manufacturing and cable harness assembly. In addition to standard products available on demand, the company also offers customized solutions that are developed and manufactured in close cooperation with the client companies in order to address their specific cabling requirements.

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Telephone: +86-0755-86250720/88305694
Email: sales@sz-signal.com
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