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New Social Network Gives Big Companies Free R&D While Consumers Speak Their Innovative Minds

Somerset, NJ; 20, October 2014: Could the keys to commerce be in the consumer's pocket? So said Stephen F. Quinn, VP of Wal-Mart marketing recently in the New York Times. He said, "Today, the customer is in charge and whoever is best at putting the customer in charge makes all the money." What a concept, consumer-centric innovation. This outstanding new wave of practicality is the heartbeat of a new social innovation network dedicated to just such an idea. Echo it is a free network designed to give consumers the power to give ideas and feedback on their favorite products and services directly to the brands that sell them. A free and nifty idea laden with potential. 

Kristina Bethea, COO of Echo it LLC said of the launch, "It's just like the old adage, the pedestrian always has the right of way…we believe consumer's input is always valuable. We're bringing this novel idea to the modern age. The age where a comment and a click of the mouse is all it takes to send your ideas to the desktops of the most powerful influencers in the marketplace." 

The site's "Echoers" simply post a comment on how a product or service could be better. Other Echo it members agree and add to the comments to create a resounding wave of free market research for companies smart enough to be all ears. With this strategy the communication network will provide organic feedback backed by numerical data to large mainstream brands

About Echo it LLC: 

Echo it is a free social media innovation platform designed to give consumers a voice in the marketplace. Founded in 2013 by a group of alumni from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the site allows consumers to leave direct feedback and ideas for major companies to use as market research for product development


Echoit.co is slated for a November 2014 launch. The site is in the pre-sign-up stage. 

Kristina Bethea
Website: www.echoit.co

For Social Media:
Twitter handle: @echoit_

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