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Welcome to The City of Tupelo

Mississippi, 20, October 2014: One of the most prestigious awards that a city might be given is the "All-American City” award. In order to qualify for what is considered to be the oldest community recognition program in the US, a city must be able to show that its residents are capable of working together in identifying city-wide problems and in coming up with a solid solution for it. For four years now, one city has definitely shown what it takes to be a consistent winner. That city happens to be the small community of Tupelo.

Located within the Lee County, the city of Tupelo is considered to be its largest city as well as the 7th largest in the whole of the US. It currently has a population of around 35,000 and is slowly becoming one of the most sought after tourist haven.

Tupelo is considered to be home to a number of tourist attraction including the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, the Tupelo Automobile Museum, the Tupelo National Battlefield, the Gumtree Museum of Art, the Elvis Presley birthplace, and the Rob Leake City Park. The city also hosts the headquarters of the North Mississippi Medical Center.

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