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Don’t Organize A Fall Picnic Without Reading These Al Fresco Guidelines

21, October 2014: As the summer heat fades into fall, it's the perfect time to head out Al Fresco on a picnic adventure. Picnicking out is the ideal celebration to discover local public land, as well as breathing in some well needed fresh air, but some kind of planning is needed to avoid any form of disaster. A standard checklist begins with knowing whether there are tables and chairs on place, or whether a picnic blanket be required. Cutlery, plates, cups and serviettes will need to be planned around the kind of food that's to be served up, and some form of product packaging for leftovers could also be quite helpful. A cooler is most important for the ideal picnic, and packing the cooler in an organized manner is also recommended to prevent spillages from destroying the food.

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Going "al fresco" in a metropolitan location can be just as enjoyable. Most small towns have a small urban park with benches, a public square or perhaps historic gardens. When a park is big enough, outdoor games might also add to the enjoyment of a memorable picnic day. But eating al fresco in the countryside is just as rewarding, if not more so. Wildlife is constantly close by, so bringing a camera is a real must to capture some of that natural charm not seen in city areas. When picnicking in a woody area, it is suggested not to picnic under any trees to prevent being struck by lightning.

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Rain can be expected in Fall, so it is always best to take some form of waterproof clothing along so not to ruin the occasion. One dad of 4, Mr Neil Speight, co-owner of Nevada based accessory company "Freddie and Sebbie" states he wished he had remembered taking some waterproof clothes along to a recent family picnic, when it began to rain like cats and dogs.

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Neil described the event by saying... "What a catastrophe! Rain wasn't even forecast, so I simply didn't bother packing waterproofs, as there we already had a lot stuff to be taking with us on the picnic. In fact, I believed I was completely prepared for anything, even being prepared for wet grass, however not for rain. The trouble was I was only thinking about putting our brand new outdoor picnic blanket to use for the first time, which happens to be made by Freddie and Sebbie. I was simply thinking about stretching out on the luxury outdoor blanket, which has a waterproof backing, so I knew damp grass was not going to cause us any problems.

"Then the heavens simply opened on us" stated Neil, who described the moment when he was trying to enjoy a short nap after what had been up til then a perfect picnic. He described the scene that followed... "I was stretched out on this gorgeous checked design large blanket, when unexpectedly all hell was let loose as my children started to yell and shout about the heavy rain. I swiftly got up, we grabbed everything, however by the time we reached the car, we were all soaked to the skin. We laugh about it now, but at the time it seemed like a clasical picnic disaster"

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