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Tuscan Villas Not Just for Millionaires Say Cottages to Castles

21, October 2014: Tuscany has long been a popular region for foreigners looking for a beautiful place for a holiday home. Now, however, there have been reports of Russian oligarchs buying up property in the region.

A UK Telegraph article recently highlighted the number of wealthy Russians snapping up property in the Tuscan city of Lucca, prompted, in part, by political instability in Russia. While the resort of Forte dei Marmi has always been a popular place for Russian investors, it seems the demand is now growing throughout the region.

However, despite the high prices being paid for these properties pushing up the value of the region, representatives from dedicated holiday rental accommodation companies like Cottages to Castles assure travellers that there is no need to part with a fortune to enjoy the pleasures of Tuscany. Renting one of the delightful holiday properties in the area affords visitors the opportunity to enjoy the extensive delights of Tuscany without a prohibitive price tag.

Family-run company Cottages to Castles has long been providing holiday accommodation in privately owned villas all over Italy, including an extensive portfolio in Tuscany. Visitors who want to experience the charms of Tuscan life for themselves can do so, without the need to spend millions on the purchase of a property.

It is easy to see why the region is so tempting for the super rich, however. Not only is it blessed with an incredibly beautiful landscape, but its bounty of art, culture and history is renowned throughout the world. While the Telegraph article claims that prices are still relatively low in Lucca compared to other places in Tuscany, like Forte dei Marmi, low in this case still means a few million euros!

As well as those in the stunning Tuscan region, Cottages to Castles offers a host of other locations to rent a holiday property - including Umbria, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Italian Lakes.

About Cottages to Castles:

Cottages To Castles is a family-run company offering quality accommodation in privately-owned Italian villas. Their comprehensive catalogue encompasses all the main Italian locations, and their family team of experts will use their knowledge of Italy to find the perfect location for any client’s holiday. Visit Cottages to Castles at http://www.cottagestocastles.com/

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