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Alcohol Matters for Travel Insurance for Family Holidays

21, October 2014: The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has released a report showing it upheld just 53% of alcohol-related cases in payouts to single, group and travel insurance for family holidays. The involved providers had refused to pay out on the basis that alcohol was consumed prior to accidents taking place and, while some unscrupulous insurers may try to unduly refuse a genuine claim with accusations of self-induced impairment, any presence of alcohol is regarded with some concern.

In some cases, clear medical evidence can ensure a genuine claim is not delayed or hampered, but when it comes to travel insurance for family holidays and the consumption of alcohol, experts say it pays to take a very conservative approach.

Conscious Consumption

Experts cite three important steps to take: read the fine print of the policy, avoid ever getting too intoxicated while travelling, and make sure to collect sufficient evidence on the circumstances of an accident if drinking beforehand is a factor.

Travel insurance providers are well within their rights to refuse to pay out if an accident is directly influenced by severe intoxication. Those who desire or expect to get intoxicated while on holidays thus need to find a safe environment to do so. If a traveller is unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident where alcohol is involved, even to a minor degree, they are advised to gather testimonies from all those involved. Blood tests are an especially important factor and can significantly improve one's chances when contesting the rejection of a claim.

The Necessity of Insurance

Reputable providers in the business of travel insurance for family holidays operate on good faith, meaning that they will strive to fulfil their obligations as providers. The problem of alcohol, however, is always a delicate one, and travellers should also be aware of their own requirements and obligations to uphold the conditions of their policy, say experts.

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