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The Wonderful World Of Contour- The Nars Ita Brush

21, October 2014: Okay, so I am new to the world of contour. Part of the excitement around getting jaw surgery is that I will finally have cheekbones! That's right, SARPE surgery, as much as it sucks, widens your upper palate and gives you cheekbones. This has opened me up to the wonderful world of contour!

NARS Ita Brush

For those of you who are new to contour (like I was), contour is the process of playing with shadowing and highlighting to define cheekbones, slim your face, and highlight your face to give it definition and femininity. It is also the most beautiful and life-changing beauty-routine addition in the world.

I was especially inspired initially by Casey Holmes’ Video Here- “How I Contour & Highlight". Also check out every other video she does. She's incredible.

Anyways, her video introduced me to the infamous NARS Ita Brush, and after researching it, it is clear that she's not the only beauty blogger who is in love with this brush. The problem? No one seems to be able to get their hands on it. "Nordstrom" is sold out, I can't find it at "Holt Renfrew", and even the "NARS Cosmetics" website doesn't have it. There are rumours of it being discontinued but other people saying it's sold out.

Does anyone know how to get their hands on a NARS Ita brush? This girl has new cheekbones and needs to get her contour on! Better yet, what are your favourite brushes? Any you use for contour specifically?

UPDATE: I did find a NARS Ita Brush ‘lookalike' at BrushForYou here> http://www.brushforyou.com/15-nars-ita-brush.html It ships from Hong Kong so who knows if it's the real thing or just a lookalike but I will be sure to review it once I get it. Judging by the fact that it was only $3.50 shipping from Hong Kong to Canada, it may take a while! In the meantime, keep me updated if you find the real thing!

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