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Drink Freely with Great Joviality! 2014 World of Warcraft Brewfest Strategy

21, October 2014: 2014 Brewfest arrival! Whether old players who have experienced most Brewfest or just new players enter in the world of azeroth, come to spend this wonderful holiday! Brewfest is the world of warcraft epic festival achievements of part of a long journey. Travel to complete all the strange long series of achievements; you can get a rare flight speed of flying mounts - 310% of the young purple ancestor dragon as award. That may worth much than simply farming wow gold . And complete Brewfest "winebibber" achievement can get more "winebibber" title; wish you all a happy holiday.

Brewfest time: on 20 September to October 6. Play: kill and Boss, goats/Kodo Beast race, defend the Brewfest, Brewfest coin awards. Exchange tokens: Brewfest prize money, (mainly through holiday task). Title: winebibber/winebibber.

Welcome to Brewfest, the grand festival to celebrate the alcoholic beverages has a host of the great inventions! Wine superiors from all over azeroth get together in this special day, exchange views winemaking secret recipe. Set up in many places. There are many beer gardens, but the main venue will be outside the rema and Ironforge. In each city the holidays Angel lead you to the main venue to participate in the festival during the festival. The festival will bring you interesting items, and can be used as a show-off of mounts. Players can experience the fun of wine festival by task, get wow gold, the wine festival award money and change their favorite items. During the holiday season and a special sport is sheep, driving skills will determine how much you are rewarded. Certainly persistence heart, after completion of the task, can again with NPC dialogue handling barrels, update the handling work is 18 hours, so grasp the good time is the key.

Winebibber achievement is simplified than before, title is better to get. But people will still need to accomplish each achievement, let's take a look at the success strategy: "winebibber" title. The following six achievements are "winebibber" reach a condition:

Brewfest food: eight kinds of food and drinks are available at Brewfest camp. Just purchase from NPC with cheap wow gold and then eating them.

This month wine: to join the wine club this month, you need to do is to save up to 200 Brewfest prize money, and then exchange for "this month wine club member application form" from the NPC, and take the task in Ironforge or auger rema pub/task.

Liquor section: kill Colin spirits. Aren't you go and play in the Blackstone abyss to mount or other equipment?

Kill dark iron dwarves: every half an hour, in Ironforge or rema wine festival outside the camp, the dark iron dwarves attack events will happen. The dark iron dwarves’ goal is to break all the barrel, the player can use the empty glass on the desk near to them to stop the achievement of goals, near field set out in the big glass will launch a whirlwind. After the attack event, if the dark iron dwarves not to break the entire barrel, the player will be a prop from the ground near the office received a daily, can get 10 Brewfest prize money reward as well as wow gold and achievement awards. When there are a lot of people online are more likely to complete.

You lost a little rabbit: in the wine section camp finished grab antlers little rabbit! Task, NPC will send you serve the cup a little rabbit.

Get with wine: the new take on the road of success, not need you must obtain a wine festival mounts, use and hops deformation can also be achieved, the cheapest fresh wine festival hops need only two wine festival prize money can change.

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