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Shaan Movers Now Amongst The Top Movers in Calgary

Relocating to a new place can be tiring, stressful, time consuming and expensive. Living in a place for years can result in people storing many useful and useless items and the very thought of packing them all up can be overwhelming for many. In order to make moving a hassle free event, it is important to engage the services of a moving company.

Shaan Movers is a Calgary based moving company that provides services for both residential and commercial moving. The company takes pride in offering efficient and timely moving services. The Calgary movers claim to employ only trained professionals who can accommodate their clients’ every moving requirement. They ensure that all their workers are in good health and physically fit so as to do all the heavy work.

Aside from the transportation service, Shaan Movers is also known to provide packing as well as unpacking services. A spokesperson for the company explained:

“We know how time consuming and tiresome packing up stuff and unpacking them can be. This is why we make sure that with our boxing and unboxing services, customers won’t have to go through the trouble. We make sure that everything, big or small, is securely and efficiently packed in proper boxes and bags and unpacked accordingly.”

Shaan Movers is also known for using high tech equipments as well as providing quality packing materials like cartons, furniture blankets and covers, floor runners, mattresses, cargo control, labels and many more. For their transportation services, they have a 5 ton truck that includes moving bins and boxes, ramps, straps and tailgates to move all belongings at one go, thereby, saving customers time and money. In case customers don’t have enough materials to be used for packing their things, the company provides them with all the necessary packing materials.

Shaan Movers is also one of the few moving services that are environmentally conscious. They provide services for dumping old furniture or other garbage at very affordable prices. They also ensure that harmful or recyclable items like old batteries are disposed off carefully at the right places. For more information please go to http://www.shaanmovers.ca/

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Shaanmovers.ca is the official website of Shaan Movers, a moving company based in Calgary that provides services at very low costs. It provides both residential and commercial transportation and also garbage disposal.


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