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Hand Jet Printer of CYCJET Can be Widely Used in Various Industries

25, October 2014: Thanks to the efforts of extraordinary scientists and workers, small character inkjet printer and high-resolution inkjet printer have been developed. Currently, these non-contact continuous inkjet printers have become the first choice to change the status quo behind. According to the company spokesperson, small character inkjet printer can be mainly used on the small text, numbers and graphics printing sub-products. High-resolution inkjet printer, as the name implies, is for the larger text, numbers and graphics on the packaging carton. These two hand jet printers surpass the previous ones at least in the following eight aspects:

hand jet printers

(1) Legible Lasting: computer control, accurate printing of the required numbers, text, patterns and bar codes.

(2) High Degree of Automation: automatic realization date, batch and number of changes to achieve unmanned jet printing process.

(3) A Wide Range of Applications: be able to work on plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal and other materials, and the surface shape of the different printing trademark, date, description, batch number etc.

(4) Programming Quick and Easy: through a PC or editing machine enter the required numbers, text, graphics and the number of rows of information, modify the print information, just press a few keys to complete.

(5) Character Size Adjustable: font width and height are appropriate range can be adjusted, but also any bold font.

(6) the Number of Rows Adjustable Printing: printing lines in 1-14 lines adjustable, and can be any combination.

(7) High Printing Speed: the fastest jet printing 1950 characters / sec or 45 m / min.

(8) Meeting the Special Needs: invisible ink jet printing, the invisible information or security identifier perfect printing on the product.

The spokesperson says, as the fruit of computer and high technology, this industrial inkjet printer is very reliable and easy to upgrade the software version; the product need very low printing costs despite its significant advantages. All in all, small character inkjet printer, high-resolution inkjet printer can be widely used in the food, beverage, tobacco, packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, machinery, cables and many other industries.

About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co. Ltd.:

Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Company is a professional handheld inkjet printing solution provider located in Shanghai city in China. The company specializes in the R&D, manufacture and sales of inkjet printers, handheld and portable printing systems. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of printers and printing systems and they take charge of all sales and after-sale services.

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