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Inversion Table Expert Announce the Best Inversion Table of 2014

27, October 2014: After a year of reviewing the best inversion tables, Inversion Table Expert are proud to announce the official winner of their "Best in Class" award. The Best in Class award goes to the model which has shown consistently positive consumer reviews, and passed Inversion Table Expert's strict internal review processes.

For the last year, Inversion Table Expert have been thoroughly reviewing all of the inversion tables on the market. Their approach to reviewing each model is different from other review sites – as they combine their own reviews with unbiased reviews from consumers on leading eCommerce retailers.

This year, the Teeter Hang-Ups EP-960 has been voted as the Best in Class inversion table, followed by the Ironman ATIS 1000 and Innova Fitness ITX9250. While all three of these inversion tables have their own individual benefits and advantages, Inversion Table Expert was able to pick a clear winner based on their own reviews and consumer reviews.

While inversion tables are simplistic devices, it's important to note that each table boasts a different set of features, and allows for different degree angles. Each one is built using different materials, and each one boasts different comfort features – such as padded headrests and mesh linings.

For Inversion Table Expert, picking the best inversion table of 2014 was difficult, as manufacturers have continued to innovate and improve their products year-on-year.

Speaking, Richard Wilcox, founder of Inversion Table Expert said, "The Best in Class award is perhaps one of the most prestigious awards that an inversion table manufacturer can receive. It shows that their product has beat out all of the competition on numerous factors – including build quality, affordability, comfort, durability and consumer experience."

The competition was close this year, as some of the world's leading brands, such as Teeter, Ironman and even newcomer Innova battled it out. Thousands of consumer reviews were collated together, and each review was analysed to determine an overall consumer experience score. This, combined with Inversion Table Expert's own rating system, allowed Richard and his team to assign a winner to the category.

"Don't get me wrong. All Inversion Tables perform the same task. They allow you to hang upside down to alleviate and combat back pain, and reduce pain. However, it is the finer details that we look at – and we want to empower consumers to choose the best products on the market," continued Richard.

"For us, the EP-960 from Teeter was just slightly ahead of the competition. It is quite expensive, coming in at $400 – but this cost is justified and that's important. As of right now, I firmly believe that the Teeter model offers the most extensive inversion therapy experience," finished Richard.

With Christmas approaching, Inversion Table Expert hope that their reviews will help consumers to make an educated buying decision. Just as consumers compare their home insurance or mobile phone tariffs, comparing inversion tables is important too.

Inversion Table Expert would also like to see consumers educate themselves more, and as such, they have now published an in-depth set of articles, how-to guides and buying guides.

To learn more about Inversion Table Expert, and to see their top picks for this year, head over to: http://www.inversiontableexpert.com

About Inversion Table Expert:

Inversion Table Expert is run by Richard Wilcox, a world renown physiotherapist. Inversion Table Expert aim to provide consumers with comprehensive inversion table reviews.

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