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Explore Life and People with Alexander Liccione’s Artworks

28, October 2014:

Master Artist Alex Liccione

By Latoya Lawrence

If you travel through the works of Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione, all that is waiting for you is being amazed and inspired. His works which holds passion, strength, skills and stories will truly touch your hearts and inspire you in a manner that you will not expect. It is said that paintings hold the emotion and feelings of a painter, but Alex Liccione's artworks showed much greater. It showed a story, not only his, but of different places, things and people which definitely is something to be revered.

Looking at Alexander Liccione’s Gallery

alex liccione

If you are not familiar with this painter, then this will be a good start for you. One of the most insightful and inspirational painting I have viewed in Alex Liccione’s gallery was included in the Miscellaneous I Series named ‘The Awakening’. The image was that of a child leaning on something, with both hands supporting his head and with a blank stare to the right. The overall image has a dark contrast which for me, portrayed a negative feeling of the child, it made me feel that the child is experiencing sorrow from something that he may have discovered. The child was the symbol of innocence and the blank stare of the child with his sad expression may represent the unrelenting and cruel truth that one faces when he or she discovers that not everything we know when we were born in this world is the truth, we were only shown the good part of the world, but as time pass by, we face this cruel truths, dazed with no ability to stop it.

Alex Liccione

The Architectural series of Alex Liccione is also astounding. It portrayed different parts of New York, in different timelines. It showed not only his skill and strength as a painter, but also, he showed the story behind New York. There’s also the culture series paintings which really intrigued me. I was deeply captivated by the paintings he made and the meaning behind them. This series of paintings portrayed the people’s desire to alter or change their physical appearance through plastic surgery with something that they think will make them look better, but realizes that these changes may have underlying negative factors when it’s too late already.

It takes skills and talent to make a great painting, but to make an excellent one that shows not only drawings but also stories, takes undying passion, insight and strength. And Alex Liccione did a gallery full of excellent ones. Understanding the paintings of Liccione will definitely reveal itself to you, as the image and messages were portrayed clearly as it can be, and once you do understand, you will see how inspirational and how much thought and heart were put into it. Alexander Liccione’s gallery is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss in your lifetime.


Latoya Lawrence is a freelance writer from the sunny and beautiful island of Jamaica.

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