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Welcome to James Liccione’s Extraordinary and Unique World

28, October 2014:


Written by Latoya Lawrence

From 11-foot tall gates to small furniture with unique and extraordinary designs, metals bended and intertwined in ways and designs you have never seen before, these are the works of the master artist/sculptor, James Liccione. He cultivated a whole new level of design, turning them into chairs, tables, gates, plant stands, sofas, beds, room screens and many more which are treated as artworks and can be used equally as furniture pieces for indoors or outdoors purposes. His works, other than showing how skilled he is with metals and woods and turning them into masterpieces, show strength, perseverance, passion that he has for what he does. Although his designs may seem random at first glance, a story that is truly inspirational and will touch the heart of people is behind those works.

The Works of Liccione

Liccione’s works have been used for many occasions. You may not have noticed it, but it is highly possible that you have seen and have been touched by one of Liccione’s designs already. He has produced art in New York for television, film productions and movies and has been awarded for it.

Art Furniture Love Seat

One work of Liccione that really struck me was the clock Grandfather Timepiece which is eight feet tall. It is an intricate and fully functional timepiece, which was carefully structured and forged by unique twisting of iron and carved, glided wood, just by judging from its appearance. The irons which were twisted in a unique way feels really surreal and alive. It looked like it moved on its own and stopped at certain points to convey a message to its admirers. The way the design stands up on narrow and thin irons gives the work a delicate look. For me, the way it was made really touched me. Although it is just a uniquely made time piece, for me it portrayed time itself, that time, though delicate still continues, and as it does, it reaches some points were it curves and experiences downfalls and such. Also, the first time I looked at its base, I thought that it was just a beautifully carved and twisted iron, but as I looked and looked again and gave meaning to it, it felt like it was the representation that time is standing in an infinite base, and even if we’re gone, we won’t know when it’ll stop or if it’ll stop.

Liccione Candle Holders

The works of Liccione holds motivational, intriguing and captivating qualities that you often find in a sculpture. The designs he makes, other than being unique and extraordinary, shows how detailed and how persevere he is when making his works. The artwork he produced and will produce in the future holds both functionality and beauty together and balanced them. I have also read that when Liccione is making his sculpture and bending irons, he let the iron lead him to where it wants to be. I believe that this holds true even when it comes to Life. You just go with the flow, bend whenever needed, and by the time you realize it, you’re already at your best and complete outcome, just like Liccione’s works.

Liccione’s work is something that gets better and better the more you look at them. You may stumble upon it but not understand what it is at first and only be amazed by the sheer quality of his works, but I tell you, your experience will get better and better as you understand the works he does. You’ll surely be inspired, motivated and struck in awe.

There are many more sculptures present today that Liccione made. You can visit those at his official site and explore the wonders of the unique and extraordinary world of James Liccione.

Website - http://jamesliccione.com

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