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The Newest Trends in Skin Care Products for Men

29, October 2014: The market for men's grooming products has changed dramatically particularly in Asia where a whopping 7% growth in sales for China was reported by Kantar Worldpanel. Global companies are outdoing each other to come up with products that are tailored to the needs of modern men while retaining the classic features that have appeased the male taste for skin care products. 

The most significant trend of skin care products for men is the fact that more and more men are becoming very conscious of taking really good care of their skin and global brands are fighting to get a share of the market. Many men are now looking for their own options for grooming and using a combination of products to look their most attractive while aiming for overall healthy skin. 

In line with the changing market, Penhaligon introduced its first grooming line for men called Bayolea. This product line has the brand's traditional scent in the form of shaving creams and soaps and balms. For the 1st time ever, Penhaligon has designed a line of men's grooming products complete with facial wash, cleanser and gel. 

Not to be outdone, Kiehl has also introduced a new addition to its products for men with the Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-shine Moisturizer and Refreshing Shine Control Toner that is available in the market starting this summer. This unique product is sold retail at $27. 

Just last September, Ren also launched a unisex product Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial which offers Vitamin C and boswellic acid & magnesium that can eliminate damages caused by UV. It also has a Multi-Tasking after shave balm and High Glide Shaving Oil that are especially for men who care about their skin. This product gives a skin brightening effect and reduces harmful effects of UV when applied to the face every three days. 

Today, a lot of men all over the world are returning to using soap as a segment of their skin regimen. Baxter of California has pounced on this trend with its newest product, Exfoliating Body Bar that smells of cedar wood and oak moss, jojoba meal, & crushed seeds of olive, for men who go for exfoliation to keep their skin fresh and healthy. 

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