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What is in store for pet stores? – answers petsgetthebest.com

29, October 2014: Many people are die-hard pet lovers, especially dogs. Today, though, a debate is heating up on where and how you can get a dog as a pet. 

Some national pet store chains no longer sell dogs but there are still other chains that do. 

The pet retail industry is veering away from selling dogs. Animal welfare organizations have campaigned hard and fast against commercial dog breeding that supplies these dogs to stores. Although an inspection of these facilities is conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, it still isn’t the ideal place where one can picture a beloved puppy to have come from. 

According to Cori Menkin of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, breeding practices is so bad and that the public is misled into believing that the environment where dogs sold as pets come from is far from humane. 

This latest news does not mean, though, that it is no longer fashionable to buy a puppy. According to the owner of Petland stores located in Florida, one of their stores sells only puppies and puppy supplies while another store also gets most of their revenues from sales of puppies and puppy supplies. There are, however, some towns and cities where they have a store that have already passed legislation banning the sale of puppies. California and New Jersey have also similar bans regarding dog sales by stores. Other states are expected to follow suit. 

These new laws want to eliminate the substandard practices of commercial breeding. Many people believe that other pet stores should follow the example of national chains like Petco and Petsmart who do not sell dogs but rather promote animal adoptions in conjunction with animal rescue and welfare groups. 

Some big chains like Petco and Petsmart have adapted a business model where they do not sell pets but instead house animals donated by local groups so that people can adopt them. They also have rescue clinics in their stores. They still benefit because these activities can generate sales for pet supplies from people who decide to keep these animals for pets. 

So what is the future for the dog retail industry? According to Menkin, their organization is putting pressure directly on breeders who supply animals to pet stores and that banning dog sales by pet shops would finally bring about pressure on this industry that has been slow in making changes for the better. 

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